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 Congrats!! Thong Hi allI know I was asking your help a while back re choosing a back but had some financial pressure so put my new bag on the backburner. In the meantime, I have become somewhat confused about what I want. I wouldn't mind a push in the right direction!I had a mono speedy 25 but sold it as iit didn't work for me. I think I prefer a shoulder bag. I need a bag for work that I can easily put documents in, but also suitable for a commute to work. I'm thinkg weather issues etc. As I am saving to get married, I plan on this being my only lv for a few years, so would have to be suitable all year round, and also a bag that I can take shopping and if I was having slighty dressier occasions like meals out?I would prefer mono and azur print, and was thinking of neverfull. But is this too casual?Many thanks for any opinions!  

I love your Mahina =)

  i would get alma pm in epi ...its beautiful but not too flashy 
Gorgeous colours, congrats
 Beautiful!  ,

mono for sure! LV Purses


iFor my dear Sabella... here's what I could grab!/iiLooks like Sunny Weather Ahead!/i Louis Vuitton


I'm liking the camel! Louis Vuitton Purses

 My first LV was damier speedy 25. I thought 25 is 30 when I didn't have much knowledge about LV =( so I gave it to my sister and recently bought 30. I wish damier comes in 35. Louis Vuitton Damier simple but with very elegant detailing..perfect for hubby.. LV Purses Louis Vuitton Shop I really like mine. I would think that they could just hold it for you, really. Just ask. .