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 I don't think it is something that can really be explained (or needs to be). Either you will someday get it or you won't. People like different brands for different reasons, sometimes even they don't know why!For instance, this past autumn, I was torn between an LV or a Chanel bag. I went to both boutiques and was decidedly underwhelmed by the Chanel bags. They were beautiful, but just didn't do "it" for me. When I went to LV though..........VaVaVoom! LV 

find that most of the reactions which have people show clearly their jealousy. Everybody makes what he wants of his money, no? Some people prefer to put 400 in a camera, the others prefer to put 400 in a bag. Everybody has his "priorities".The persons whom I "frequented" in my former louis vuitton mm

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